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Egg Products for the bakery industry

Food manufacturers, especially in the bakery industry, use the bulk of liquid, frozen and dried egg products produced in the UK as ingredients.

Liquid Egg products

Many bakers, use liquid egg, which is normally supplied in 1,000 kilo bag-in-box format and can be pumped from the boxes straight to the mixing points.
Whole egg is used for activities such as cake production where it’s foaming and coagulation properties are required. Egg whites are used for meringues and light sponges where their foaming property is crucial.

Growing trend towards egg blends

These egg blends are, in effect, pre-mixes which simplify subsequent operations and often improve final product quality. An example of a simple blend might be sugared albumen (egg white) for meringue production. The sugar gives the egg white an extended shelf life which is a positive benefit and also an improvement in the final product quality.

Dried egg products widely available

Whilst sales of frozen products are declining, as is the number of smaller bakers, spray dried egg products are widely used in the sector. These products are not re-hydrated on their own, but are added to mixes as dry ingredients and the necessary adjustments are made to the recipe liquor.

Posted on: 27 February 2009

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Functional uses of egg products in the bakery sector

Properties such as binding, emulsification, coagulation and adhesion are integral to the production of a large number of food products in the bakery sector.


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